OCT and Nov Fishing Report at Oak Island NC

Oct and Nov has showed us some of the best fishing of the year.  We have been busy almost fishing every day catch Red Drum, Black Drum, Grouper, Sharks, King Mackerel and Speckled Trout.  The season is coming to an unofficial end because the weather will now take control on the number of days we get to go fishing.  My prediction for the Month of Dec will be lots of King Mackerel, Grouper, Trigger Fish and Monster Wahoo.  So our goal is to show you all of the above before Christmas.  Already getting ready for next year so we can be ready when the time is right.  There is still time if you want to fill the freezer for the winter so lets go fishing.


September Oak Island Fishing Charters Report

The weather was all over the place in Sept with several tropical systems passing over just about every week.  Surprisingly the fishing was really good and gave us high hopes for an awesome fall.  Big Red Drum, Grouper, Snapper and even an early King Mackerel bite on the nearshore trips kept our clients busy.  We can only hope October is half as good and September but time will tell.  We still have a few days open the last couple weeks of October so lets go fishing.










Aug fishing report Oak Island Fishing Charters

Same ol summer pattern set in this year with more windy days then nice days but we still produced.  August sometimes can be a tough month because the water gets a little warm but if you change up the fishing techniques success is right around the corner.  Backwater trips produced good numbers of Flounder and Red Drum.  Nearshore action was still Spanish First thing then Shark fishing the rest of the day.  Once the Mullet show up we change things up a little and catch the big citation sized Spanish Mackerel.  Offshore as always the bottom fish are always hungry and easy to catch.  To make it a little more challenging we target and catch lots of keeper Grouper but always willing to give the by catch a ride back to the house also.  Fall is around the corner so dont miss out on the Big Drum and King Mackerel bit that starts around the end of Sept.  See you soon.


July Fishing Report from Oak Island NC

Sorry for the delay but this month has gone by so fast we about forgot the fishing reports. We have been fishing almost everyday nearshore or backwater. There are still some dates open if you would like to join us for some fun on the water.  Also remember that fall is around the corner and we will start back up our Grouper fishing trips along with King Mackerel and Wahoo.



Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report Update

We have been fishing just about everyday in the backwater, Near shore and Grouper Fishing.  Long story short is we have been having fun and after this week of the wind blowing the fishing should fall back into the summer pattern.  If we have to cancel trips due to the wind please be patient and understand because we really want to go also.  We still have some days open each week so dont miss out.


Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

Sorry for the delay in the reports but somehow my page malfunctioned big time and just now got set back up.  We have been busy offshore catching Grouper, Snapper, Trigger Fish, Amberjacks.  Nearshore has been fun also catching lots of Cobia, Big Sharks and a few Spanish Mackerel and King Mackerel.  The backwater fishing has been steady with decent catches of Black Drum, Flounder, Red Drum and Speckle Trout.  The summer pattern has set in so the fishing should be steady and with lots of kids joining us this summer we will be having lots of fun.  Dont miss out join us for your next fishing trip.

Mid May Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

The last 2 weeks have been fun fishing with groups from all over.  We have been busy running Gulf Stream trips catch Black Fin Tuna, Wahoos, Mahi’s and Sailfish.  The Grouper fishing has been great also along with all kinds of Snappers and Triggerfish.  Backwater fishing has seen action from the Black Drum and should be replaced with Flounder very soon.  Nearshore shark fishing has already set up for the summer fun so if you have not booked your trip give us a call.

Oak Island Fishing Charters April Report

The season is about in full swing and just like clockwork the Spanish Mackerel are thick, big and very easy to catch.  We sure do wish every day was as easy as the last week of fishing has been.  Just about ready to start messing with the Mahi, Grouper and Trigger fish is the wind will ever lay down long enough.  Get your groups together and come join the fun.

Time to go fishing

Its time to start fishing at Oak Island NC.  The winter was very kind to us this year by keeping the water temps up.  Capt Travis is already catching nice red drum, black drum and the flounder are right around the corner.  Half day fishing is pretty much black bass only and around mid April the spanish should show up.  Offshore should produce nice wahoos, King Mackerel and assortment of bottom fish.  So with all that said get your groups together and lets start fishing.

oak island fishing charters Jan Report

the last 30 days Capt JD and myself put the focus on catching Bluefin Tuna.  This was the first year in about 5 years they have showed up and since I was the one that caught the last one in Brunswick County we tried hard to catch the first one again.  Capt JD had 3 on at one time but its hard to put into words what kind of confusion takes place that usually ends up being 0 for 3.  The next day we had our chance and after hour half only 60ft from the boat on top of the water we had a giant pull the hook.  There was still hope because of the steady weather pattern we could still get to the fish and 2 days latter Capt JD caught the biggest bluefin tuna every landed in Brunswick County measuring 113″ weighing around 750-800lbs.  Besides chasing the bluefin we would still load the boat catching king mackerel in the afternoon.  Looks like its about time to do the winter maintenance nobody ever sees so the boats will be ready when the season starts back up usually around Easter break then wide open May 1st.  Hurry and book your grouper trip now only 18 days left in May to “target” Grouper and when we head offshore thats our specialty

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